VIDEO: Diet Plan Testimonials Round 1: Paleo

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The paleolithic diet is part of a family of protein-intensive, low-carbohydrate diet plans — like Atkin’s, Dukan and South Beach — that limit carb intake to stimulate weight loss, priming the metabolism by eliminating sugars to burn off stored fat. It’s also sometimes known as the caveman or stone age diet. Paleo’s specific focus, as the name suggests, is the consumption of foods that our primitive ancestors probably consumed, so lots of meat, fish, eggs, plus roots, nuts, mushrooms and some vegetables. The diet excludes or limits processed foods, as well as grains, legumes, dairy, some root vegetables, and refined salt and sugar. While there are a few competing guides to the paleo diet, the general consensus is that the regime should consist of about 2/3 animal calories and 1/3 plant calories. Since the paleo diet, unlike many of the other carb-limiting diets, tries to access the benefits of pre-industrial life, this diet is also big on getting chemical gunk out of the system, eliminating processed foods and sugars as well as alcohol. While this can be hard for some, there’s no calorie cap and dieters are allowed to eat lots of meat, making this a relatively painless diet for some.

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